• Camp Ozark GO

    GO! This iOS app for iPhone and iPad keeps parents in-touch while their kids are away at camp.

  • Weathermatic

    Pouring rain, thunderous claps of lightening, and sprinklers spewing enough water to combat a drought?

  • Open Meeting Room

    Book your meeting room, open your schedule.

  • Pinot's Palette

    Tap, Paint, Drink, and Be Merry

  • The H20 Project

    Save lives by drinking water.

smp!e can transform your idea into a fully interactive mobile experience.

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Ever feel left out by the available emoji? Not anymore! iDiversicons has you covered.


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In Depth Research & Development

From competitive analysis to feasibility, we can provide the research and direction your business plan needs.

Custom Application Development

100% local development of your iOS, Android and HTML5 applications.

Strategic App Marketing

We provide comprehensive launch and sustainability strategies, along with new and traditional advertising.

Content Delivery Platform

The Simple cloud based content delivery platform provides remote management of your app.

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smple builds the app your business needs.

iOS App Development Houston Awards

Simple is a full-service, creatively-driven mobile application development and design firm that can take your app idea and transform it into a fully interactive experience that multiplies the value of your product or business.

Our experience, capabilities and single-layer management structure keeps us streamlined and "bottom-lined".

We are in business to build your business. The work on this website will show you how we have built ours. Contact us today. (713) 993-9339 wwc@wholewheatcreative.com

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Creative Director Lee Wheat

Lee Wheat

Executive Creative Director / President

simple applications

iOS Developer Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Executive Technical Director / Principal

simple applications

iOS Developer Travis Beck

Travis Beck

Senior Art Director / Lead Developer

simple applications

Financial Director Susan Wheat

Susan Wheat

Executive Financial Director

simple applications

iOS App Developer Mike Montes

Mike Montes

Internet Marketing Strategist

simple applications

iOS Developer Fatima Vaid

Carly Kindrick

Project Manager

simple applications

iOS Developer Ben Breire

Mark Pereire

Project Manager

simple applications

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