Successful Advertising is Like a Chestnut

On Wednesday of this week, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon put on by the American Marketing Association Houston (AMA). Every month they have a luncheon featuring a special guest speaker to talk about things related to the marketing industry. I’ve been to several of these luncheons throughout the years, but I will remember this one for a long time.


Brace Yourselves, iPhone 6 is Coming

On September 9th #Apple

Apps for the College Bound

#College resumed this week!

GoPro Plays Fetch

Wearable tech for playing fetch; man's best friend gets a GoPro.

Printable Abodes

Buying a house is why not print your own?

Hump Day!

Look who showed up at our office!
@MartinAgency @GEICO 

Cellphone, Check. Wallet, Check. Wearable tech, Check?

Is wearable tech better for businesses?

Viewability and Display Advertising

Have we been measuring with the wrong metrics?

The Bakery

RT Christine Pretorius: Copywriter: 'We're starting a bakery that sells biscuits in the shape of words.

Small Agencies are Swiss Army Knives

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to fit numerous roles constructs boundless creativity.

Coffee = Creativity

Coffee, the fuel of creativity.

3D Printing for the Masses

Someday we hope 3D printers can print tacos.

Tom Hanks' Typewriter App Topping Charts

Old school with a modern twist.

Gmail & YouTube for Kids

New versions of Gmail & Youtube engage children online under supervision of their parents while abiding COPPA rules.

Facebook Ponders Satire Tag for Parody News

Satirical news causes social media confusion.

Internet of Things Grows

Samsung invests in the Internet of Things, connecting you & your home.

Sharks Attack Google

Sharks take a bite out of Google's budget, gnaw on underwater Trans-Pacific internet cables.

Good Morning Ignore No More

Our client's app, Ignore No More, featured on Good Morning America.

Ignore No More Draws More Attention

The news can't ignore, Ignore No More.

Instagram-like Shopping App

An Instagram style app with a swipe-to-buy interface could alter how you shop.

Drawing Inspiration by Wasting Time

Inspiration by distraction, viral videos, and their link with workplace productivity.

Google Wants Fiber-Optic Cable Across the Pacific Ocean

Faster than a speeding bullet!

A Smart Defense Against Sexual Assault

Innovative apps to combat, report, and cope with sexual assault are being used on college campuses.

Lock Your Credit Cards From Your Smartphone

Protecting credit cards with a smartphone.

Apple's Innovative HealthKit Blazes New Trails

Apple's new developer framework, HealthKit, lays new road for developers, health enthusiasts, and medicine.

Learning A.I. Might be Your Future Personal Assistant

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that." Siri's creators build an AI that learns, changing how we interact with tech.

Build Your Internet of Things

Snap and Sync.

Hacker Conference Showcases Unconventional Methods

Black Hat & Def Con hacker conferences see new and unconventional methods hackers use.

3D Printing with Adobe

Creatives rejoice!

Coming Soon: Control Computers with Your Mind

Muse headbands read brainwaves and move towards using a computer with your mind.

Youtube's New Directr

Google integrates recently purchased app start-up, Directr, into Youtube's video ads department.

Amazon Fire Phone vs Traditional Retail

How to survive Amazon's Fire Phone's siege against brick and mortar retail models.

USPS' Grand Rebrand

Last year a creative agency, Grand Army, rebranded the USPS but many of their concepts did not make the final cut.

Great Google Search Tips

Get your Google search on!

An App Finds the Formula for Happiness

Scientists use data gathered from a game app, The Great Brain Experiment, to develop an equation for happiness.

Apple Spreads Their Social Media Wings

Musa Tariq, former social media chief for Nike and Burberry, joins Apple and prepares to spread their social wings.

The Science of Shower Inspiration

Where do you find sudden, unexpected inspiration? 

Comcast Provides Free or Reduced Internet

Kids of low-income families can get free or reduced home internet, providing easier access to learning materials.

Airfare Applies Apps

Airline apps simplify the travel process from ticket purchase to boarding.

Wearable Tech at Work

How should we approach future integration of wearable tech at work; data collection, innovation and privacy concerns.

Houston Cab Companies Battle App Powered Transportation

Tech Takeover: App powered transportation, Uber and Lyft, face opposition from Houston cab companies.

Virtual Reality College Tours, Coming to a Campus Near You

YouVisit uses new tech, Oculus Rift, to provide virtual college tours to prospective students.

A Time Management App that Learns

Not another calendar app!

Dr. App

The house-call returns with a tech twist.

Instagram Releases Leaked App

Instagram's leaked app, Bolt, has been released in limited markets.

You Can't Ignore, Ignore No More

Teen trouble?

Facebook Builds Messenger

Appdate: Facebook moves all mobile messaging to the Messenger app, hoping to turn it into an important business.

Zombies in the App Store

The number of available apps climbs and marketers must reengage app audiences to remain successful.

Return of the Bitcoin App

Controversial Bitcoin management app returns to the App Store after an unexpected vacation.

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