iOS7 Application Development

iOS7 Application Development

iOS 7 introduces great new features like Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking. It also makes the things you do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable. And while many of the apps look different, the way you do things feels perfectly familiar. So from day one, you know how to use the world’s most advanced mobile OS in its most advanced form.

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Simple Applications is a premier provider of apps for the iPhone and iPad. Our depth of industry and product experience makes us THE company to create and enhance your iOS apps using the iOS operating system; apps that will retain your existing customers, attract new customers and help you reach and exceed your sales goals.

iOS App Development

Simple Applications has vast knowledge and experience using the iOS operating system to develop practical iPhone and iPad applications that really work. We have the marketing discipline to take solid business-growth ideas and transform them into business-savy, easy-to-use apps that connect with your customers. Simple Applications is a creative advertising firm that fully understands the iOS operating system and creates apps that serve your customers' and business needs. Well-designed iOS apps allow you to stay in touch with your customers and build strong, lasting relationships. Developing successful iOS apps for "super" products like the iPhone and iPad is not difficult when you have Simple Applications on your team.

How We Work

From the initial discussion of your concept to having your iOS app launch in the Apple Store, we listen to you to make sure we are developing the app you want. Our perspective is creative and intuitive. We present concepts and ideas, but we also understand you have a vision and we stay focused on it. We work with you through the entire process. All work is done locally and by us – no outsourcing overseas for any part of the project. Our team is streamlined and "bottom-lined." We are your partner we strive to develop a lasting relationship; our reputation depends on it; our work is evidence of it.

iOS App Development Process

Creating effective custom apps that run on the iPhoneand iPad takes time, but our experienced creative and development teams along with our project managers ensure the process is efficient. We care as much about the success of your business as you do. You can trust our entire staff of iOS development professionals. We have a well-established history and solid reputation for producing products and apps that exceed our customers' expectations. If you want apps done right, to work right, to be right from day one, let's visit about your project.

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