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Simple Applications is highly reputatable and the most capable creators of mobile apps that run on mobile devices. This includes developing Android applications, which is an area of considerable expertise for us. Whole Wheat has Google Android app development experience and has several apps on the Google Play store that have shown to greatly increase the use of Android mobile devices worldwide. This includes creating apps for Android Smartphone, Android tablets and other mobile devices. Our uniquely simplistic Android applications development allows people to use their Android devices to get directions, post and view videos, find restaurants, and entertain themselves with favorite tv shows, music and movies. Simple Applications's database of customers that have been pleased with these apps continues to grow as de continue to put out the best app development for the Android market.

Number of Android mobile device users increasing
Smartphones continued to drive the mobile landscape in the US in 2012, finally reaching 50% market penetration in 2012, according to comScore 2013. The Android platform also hit a 50% milestone as it captured the majority of the smartphone market for the first time. (comScore, February 2013) Google's Android mobile operating system retains the smartphone platform crown followed by Apple's iOS in a distant second place. Android's operating system is the most popular choice of software for mobile device operation continuing to lead the smartphone market in the U.S., with 48 percent of smartphone owners saying they owned an Android OS device. In fact, some data estimates that more than 200 million Android mobile devices, including tablets and Smartphones, are in use today around the globe. In addition, hundreds of thousands more go into service everyday. With so many Android users, your business can expect to gain many new potential customers with the right Android app. Whether designing an app from the ground up or using a cookie-cutter design that has already been proven to reach the specific client database, either way Simple Applications will ensure that your apps will exceeds the needs of your customers and satisfies the goal of your business.
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Anything you need, Simple Applications can make the ability of attracting and gaining new customers a snap using Android apps. Your business can address a new and different customer base at a surprisingly low cost. Custom apps can be developed quickly and can be ready to use in the minimal time with just a meeting or two to discuss needs and wants. Whole Wheat can develop and app to address your current audience or future ones. Contact Whole Wheat and let us help you identify your needs and how they can be addressed. With the number of Android users and the demand that exists, it's only good business to go with the best, Simple Applications of Houston.

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